HTML5 Code Examples
Analog Clock This is a near-trivial example for you to see how the framework is initialized, and how to load and draw graphics. It also covers code to rotate those graphics around their axis.

You can play with this code on the SGX JSFiddle page.

Github See it
Particle System Here we use the in-built particle system, focusing instead on the GUI infrastructure, and the graphics capabilities of SGX. This demo covers the code necessary to vertex colour textures with arbitrary RGBA values... in real-time. Github See it
Squibs Clown Based on the LCD games of yesteryear, this example includes a sound demonstration. Github See it
Chuckie Egg A port (from DHTML) into SGX, demonstrating a full game, running full speed, in a browser. Github See it
Benchmark Used to cover the same basic principles, but used a mini test suite to verify the quality of your browser. Github See it
Traditionally, it recommended that all source is minified before release to ensure it's faster to download and run. Here, however, we provide the full versions for you to inspect the whole app.

If HTML5 is the future, it's already here! Each of these examples uses pure HTML 5.

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