To save the poor fingers of our nimble-fingered elves, the common answers to the common questions are copied here:

  • Q. What is the benefit over the SGX approach, to running HTML 5 everywhere?

    A. By going native on each platform you gain the benefits of extra speed (allowing for more detailed sound or graphics), and functionality not available not available under HTML5. e.g. the use of the camera, microphone, and other OS-specifics.

  • Q. How should games be written to more easily port between platforms?

    A. I suggest Javascript first, followed by C++, and then Actionscript. In reality, most other variations are workable.

  • Q. How big a project can be built with SGX?

    A. Any size! The HTML 5 version is a thin wrapper to the canvas, and so the abstraction adds less than 0.1% overhead.

  • Q. Does it work on consoles?

    A. Yes! I have produced versions for Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox, and PS3, although NDAs prevent me from releasing them on this site. Contact me for more information.

  • Q. I downloaded your files, but they don't work locally.

    A. That is correct. Javascript's security settings prevent the external files from being downloadable from a site that isn't the originating server.

  • Q. Your C++ code shows you're using "this->", that's unnecessary! You know nothing!

    A. I know about this->! It demonstrates how a direct port would look.

  • Q. Did each port really take 4 hours?

    A. Yes! It was aided by the fact that I wrote the original code cleanly, with porting in mind, but hampered by the fact that I had to learn the processes at the same time. Future ports would take less time.

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